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Looking to Become a Fitness Instructor?

Advances in modern medicine and increased knowledge in nutrition and health have created new jobs and expanded the need for existing ones. Among the many opportunities in the health sector is an increasing need for fitness instructors beyond those at standard gyms. Pilates is an exercise program that focuses on more than just working out and gaining muscle. It certainly has those elements but it incorporates more core training, physical therapy and aspects of yoga as well.
Successful Pilates teacher training in NYC involves studying the necessary knowledge and practical application. The Balanced Body University offers such a program with a certification upon completion. It teaches more than just the moves but how to “see” the human body as it goes through the motion of Pilates exercises and the impact they are having on particular muscle groups. It provides the knowledge for trainers to be able to determine if a particular move is being done correctly so as to benefit the client without aggravating any injuries they might have. In addition to having the knowledge themselves, the Pilates teacher training provides the tools to explain this knowledge to the clients.
At Pilates studios, such as the Mongoose Bodyworks, instructors are handpicked to go a step further and provide an overall wellness factor to every client. After receiving the initial certification, continuing education courses are also available online. These are available through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and the Balanced Body University (BBU), as well as other fitness organizations.
Becoming a Pilates fitness is more involved than just taking a class online, it requires extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, people skills and a certain intuition that allows the instructor to see whether an exercise is being carried out correctly. If it is not, adjustments need to be made for the clients to get the full benefit.
Mongoose Bodyworks offers a Pilates program that provides overall wellness of body and mind. Located in NYC. Phone number 212-431-8377.

Relieving Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis

Pilates is one way to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with spinal stenosis. A one on one training session can be individualized to focus on lessening the compression of nerves in the lower back which is often associated with lumbar stenosis and can produce symptoms of sciatica. Unlike many other exercise programs out there Pilates is not restricted to a fitness level or an age group. Any person, in any physical condition can simply sign up and attend a session. That is because the clients learn how to use their own body to create resistance and build muscle strength.
When starting an exercise regimen as a type of physical therapy, a person should take care and choose a respectable Pilates Studio out of the many located in NYC. Mongoose Bodyworks has been in business since 1999 and has a list of handpicked trainers with years of experience. The studio is stocked with all the various Pilates equipment necessary to conduct quality training sessions. There is also plenty of floor space to conduct all the floor-based body conditioning movements that help with physical ailments such as stenosis.
It’s important to have a tranquil and focused setting where the client and the trainer can really connect and work together to achieve a successful training session. Whether the client has a specific goal they want to reach or have begun a Pilates program to help with their spinal stenosis, a good instructor will work to help them accomplish it. A standard session is about an hour long attended twice a week and that is sufficient for many people to get in shape and reduce, if not eliminate any lower back pain they had prior to starting a Pilates program in NYC.
Mongoose Bodyworks offers a Pilates program that provides overall wellness of body and mind. Located in NYC. Phone number 212-431-8377.

Safe Exercise

Pregnancy can be an exciting time in a female’s life, it can also be confusing, especially during a first pregnancy. Everyone usually has an opinion as to what’s best for the offspring, and many times with enough advice, it will start to contradict itself. This is especially true when it comes to the amount of physical exertion the mother-to-be should exert. Some advice to minimize such activity to a slow-paced walk and nothing more while others say that even a moderate workout with lifting and some straining will stand to benefit the fetus. Living in NYC, there are many options to choose from if a female decides to take on exercise during pregnancy.
Pilates has been approved by many gynecologists to be a safe form of exercise for their patients. The controlled environment, close supervision and lack of abrupt movements are the main attributes for this specific type of physical activity for pregnant women. The Pilates studios in NYC focus on core exercise that strengthen the abdomen and back. When started early on in the pregnancy, the stronger muscles could possibly make the final delivery easier.
The recovery of the mother’s physical body can be accelerated through regular exercise prior to giving birth. If the female’s body is already in shape, then returning it back after birth will be easier. A Pilates program can be tailored to focus on the individual client, in this case every conditioning move that the pregnant woman performs is to benefit her and her offspring. Any exercises that may unnecessarily strain or stress either one is avoided.
In addition to performing the exercise, Pilates promotes a mind – body connection that stays with the clients long after they are done with the session.
Mongoose Bodyworks offers a Pilates program that provides overall wellness of body and mind. Located in NYC. Phone number 212-431-8377.

Staying Active with Osteoporosis

As the human body ages it becomes more susceptible to various types of degenerative diseases. One of them is osteoporosis. It causes the bones to become weak and brittle and less able to regenerate after damage. Pilates is one of the best ways to strengthen the muscles surrounding the bones and improve balance through core strengthening to reduce falls and slips which may result in broken bones. In NYC, Mongoose Bodyworks is a Pilates studio that employs trainers that are knowledgeable in helping people with osteoporosis.
It all comes down to core strength and proper alignment. The individualized exercise regiments focus on correct execution of every move during the session to fully engage the targeted muscle groups and prevent injury that may have resulted without such keen observation. Stronger core leads to better balance making it easier to stay upright with further prevents injuries by reducing the chances a person will fall at the slightest provocation.
Pilates has been called a skeleton-saving workout, in fact many doctors, in NYC and elsewhere prescribe it as a preferred method of physical therapy in addition to medication and a proper diet. Because Pilates is slow pace, methodical type of workout it is preferable for older people. Other types of exercise programs, especially those carried out in large groups or alone may pose a hazard for those suffering from osteoporosis. Lack of care in movement can further damage the already weak bones and end up causing more harm than good. Just like a person with an open wound shouldn’t play in the dirt, a person with this type of bone condition should not go out and start an exercise program without knowing the effect it may have on their condition.
Mongoose Bodyworks offers a Pilates program that provides overall wellness of body and mind. Located in NYC. Phone number 212-431-8377.

Working Out in the City

Me and Clarissa grew up in the city, and as she explained it all, any workout regimen we decide to take on has to be indoors. We both love to take trips north to breath fresh air and hike in the woods, but that is more of a vacation than part of our regular routine. To stay in shape, we had to settle on something we can commit to on a regular basis, something that is nearby our homes. We live in the NOHO district of NYC and preferred something we can do within a few blocks.
There are several exercise studios in a small geographical area because this is NYC after all. We decided to try out Pilates. We were in pretty good shape from regular work outs at the gym where we utilized standard exercise equipment and a pool but it got boring, which is why we wanted to try something new. We looked into Yoga and liked a few concepts such as the mind connection and the slower pace but it seemed a bit too slow. As we expected, Pilates turned out to be a perfect balance of the physical aspects we were used to from the gym and the mind, overall well-being concepts that interested us about yoga. There were a few studios in SOHO that initially caught our attention but we settled on the Mongoose Bodyworks. This studio has been around since 1999 and has very knowledgeable and experienced instructors that not only made sure we got the most out of every work out but were able to describe how every move affected and benefitted our bodies, surprisingly they knew quite a bit about human anatomy. Over a year later we are still into Pilates and are very happy with it.
Mongoose Bodyworks offers a Pilates program that provides overall wellness of body and mind. Located in NYC. Phone number 212-431-8377.

Muscle Strengthening with a Bad Back

Having a bad back, weather as a result of injury or just improper posture can seriously interfere with a person’s quality of life. Painkillers can only help so much because they are not a cure, just temporary relief until the pain comes back again. A herniated disk is a particularly nasty condition where one or more disks have slipped out of place in a person’s vertebrae and may cause pain by irritating nearby nerves. More and more doctors and chiropractors are prescribingexerciseas a means to manage this type of discomfort. Sometimes a person may not necessarily feel pain but such a condition still needs to be fixed before it gets worse, as it is degenerative in nature.
The best remedy is to achieve lumbopelvic stabilization or LPS. This basically means aligning the stomach, pelvis and hips. This Pilates herniated disk treatment can be achieved in NYC at the Mongoose Bodyworks. Private Pilates sessions allow the trained to form fit an exercise regiment to the individual, taking care to strengthen their back muscles without causing injury to the spine. The trainers focus on proper execution of various exercises to achieve the desired result. The handpicked instructors at this Pilates studio in Soho, NYC individualize excise programs for each client.
A good trainer is able to explain the effect each move is having on their client’s body. The client it taught how to retain their body during the exercise at the studio as well as how to avoid further injury between the sessions. Initial movements are more focused on the problem area and as progress is made larger and more global movements are gradually incorporated in the routine.
Mongoose Bodyworks offers a Pilates program that provides overall wellness of body and mind. Located in NYC. Phone number 212-431-8377.

Why Pilates?

Living in NYC, we had many options when it came to a type of exercise program. Basically the only thing we couldn’t really do is go outside and run, since we all lived in the city and yet too far from a decent park. However, there were plenty of gyms, yoga, Zumba and many other types of exercise programs available just a short distance away. After some research we finally settles on a Pilates studio because of all the benefits it offered. A group of us wanted to work out together but athletically, we were very and with Pilates that wasn’t a problem because the body conditioning moves are based on the body’s own resistance and is therefore appropriate for all fitness levels.
We were surprised at how even a little tweak in well-known exercise can make a huge difference in the benefit of performing it. Take a sit-up for example, most times they are carried out thoughtlessly with a person more concerned with the quantity than quality. In a Pilates class we are taught to focus on the muscle group are it is being flexed during the work out. Performing exercise in this manner makes every move count. As we learned, Pilates is a whole body conditioning method that is specifically designed to improve strength, flexibility, posture and endurance while promoting a mind-body connection. The concept of core awareness explains why focusing on the body’s abdominal and back muscles is so important. A strong core does a lot more than make the jeans fit better, it helps with balance and gives the rest of the body the ability to perform more strenuous activities. Without a strong core, the limbs cannot perform as well.
Mongoose Bodyworks offers a Pilates program that provides overall wellness of body and mind. Located in NYC. Phone number 212-431-8377.

Fit Pilates in New York

The Pilates system of exercise has becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Named after Joseph Pilates, this is a sophisticated system that one can use to condition one’’s body and increase muscular strength for maximum physical performance. To cater to the growing demand of clients, a good number of Pilates studios have come up in New York City, NYC. .
When it comes to learning Pilates technique, you shouldn’t go to just any Pilates studio that you come across. In fact, you should head to one whose instructors have sound education and experience. .

Fitness and body conditioning is a lot of fun at Mongoose Bodyworks. After completing our training programs and sessions, you’ll be able to lead a disciplined life with maximum vigor and strength.

Physical Fitness & Overall Wellness

The reason behind Pilate’s increasing popularity is that it’s exercising system is not restricted to a particular age group or fitness level. Simply anyone can take Pilates training classes and learn how to use the body and the mind in synergy to improve wellness and health.

Our Pilates studio is equipped with all the facilities and apparatus that a modern learner may look for. We have all the necessary equipment for conducting Pilates training classes. If you are planning to become stronger, grow taller and look leaner, our Pilates wellness classes is all you need. Be ready to get a brand new body!

Pilates in Soho

We’re faced with a wide variety of physical challenges in our daily lives. And our busy lives make it difficult for us to pay careful attention to the improvement of our fitness and health. Thanks to Joseph Pilates (1912 –- 1967) who gifted us with a very sophisticated system of body conditioning exercise that we know today as Pilates. Pilates has become one of the hottest fitness trends because it’s a wonderful solution to improve your body and muscles for maximum performance.
If you’’re looking for Pilates classes in Soho, Mongoose Bodyworks is at your service. Our studio offers many back exercise programs that focus on body conditioning and rehabilitative fitness training.

Our Pilates studio in Soho, NYC, is provided with all the necessary facilities, equipment and apparatus that one needs for completing this training or exercise program. The setting is also one of it’s kind so that you get one of the finest Pilates learning experiences.

Body Conditioning & Rehabilitation

At the Mongoose Bodyworks, you can learn rehabilitation exercises as well as get rid of bad backs. Pilates is truly a wonderful technique that teaches you how to use your body and mind in synergy. When you’’re able to develop good coordination between body and mind, you can easily condition your body for maximum physical performance.

Our Pilates for bad backs exercise programs are not designed for just one specific age group or fitness level. No matter what age group you belong to or what fitness level you have, our programs provide optimum results everyone who’’s looking for rehabilitative fitness training.

Pilates Soho

Many people believe in the myth that Pilates is a derivative of Yoga. No, this is not true at all. Pilates, named after Joseph Pilates, is a sophisticated system of body conditioning exercise. Though Pilates and Yoga can be complimentary, there are very different from each other. To discover this difference come to our studio in Soho, NYC – Mongoose Bodyworks.
Soho (stands for south of Houston) is a NYC neighborhood. Mongoose Bodyworks has the prominence of being the very first Pilates studio to open in Soho. At our studio, we have been catering to the varying needs of clients who want to use their bodies to the fullest potential. By attending our Pilates classes in Soho, you’ll be able to tone your body and mind in order to improve overall health and wellness.

Human Mind & Body Toning

Pilates does an excellent job of teaching your how to use both the body and mind, develop coordination between and the two and achieve maximum physical performance via this synergy. Though Pilates is around 100 years old, it’’s one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry.

Each of the Pilates body conditioning classes at our studio is conducted by expert instructors. Our instructors have certifications in Pilates method. In addition, they can also offer you sound guidance in areas like anatomy, postural assessment, body massage, energy work etc. Our body toning and conditioning classes suit people of all age groups and fitness levels.

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