Halle Clarke Movement Education

Continuing Education

with Halle Clarke

Our Continuing Education Program is a cornerstone of the Mongoose Bodyworks offering. Halle’s command of interdisciplinary bodywork is unparalleled. She is a second-generation master teacher who studied under the two greatest protégées of Joseph Pilates himself, Kathy Grant and Romana Kryzanowska.

A noted teacher’s teacher and a passionate movement educator, Halle revels in her ability to share her advanced neuromuscular and biomechanical knowledge with other somatic educators (physical therapists, yoga teachers, Pilates teachers).  She teaches her students nuanced, intuitive methods to integrate these practices into their current educational programs. Halle has held certification courses for Balanced Body since 2006 and has presented at PMA Conferences and Mind-Body Expo.

Upcoming Courses

Imagery Comes Alive!

Experience the power of imagery! Melt, expand, and align with Halle as she guides you through images to free muscular stresses and unlock movement potential. Based on the seminal work of Mabel Todd in the 1920’s, “Ideokinesis” has blossomed in the movement arts as a proven approach to reeducate neuromuscular patterns.  Learn the science behind this effective process and leave with an abundance of new ideas for your own classes. Upgrade your teaching skills and move with ease!

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Unlimited Education: Perfect your teaching technique anytime, anywhere with our On Demand course offering.

Anatomical Movement Classes

$35 per 30 day rental
Unlimited playback throughout the rental period.

Sacral and Lumbar Multifidus

55 minute movement class

This mat class focuses on the engagement and kinesthetic awareness of the lumbar and sacral multifidus muscles, the muscle family crucial to the health and stabilization of the lower back.

Inspired Breathing

55 minute movement class

This class guides you to release tension and fully open the breathing diaphragm. You’ll be guided through  slow somatic movements and self myo-fascial release techniques to let go of retrictions which may be inhibiting a natural diaphragmatic breath. Class includes Pilates based movements abundant with “mermaids” and ribcage mobilizations and completes with core work that aims to coordinate the abdominal layers to create both ease and strength.

Pelvic halves pilates reformer

55 minute reformer class

This reformer class guides you through the oppositional movements that naturally occur between the two halves of the pelvis. This functional focus helps to balance the pelvis, low back and sacrum and improve gait. 


55 minute movement class

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn exercises taught by elder Kathy Grant!
This on demand  mat class includes exercises Kathy taught from her “before the hundred” series, a collection of exercises to prepare one to do the traditional work. Prepare to go deep , work on micro movements that unlock your alignment and sense your unique relationship to your pelvis and core.


One-on-One Continuing Ed with Halle


These highly personalized sessions offer teachers the unique opportunity to learn from the best. Participants deep-dive into a chosen anatomical or biomechanical topic, strengthen their knowledge of anatomy and movement, and develope valuable teaching techniques.
*55 minutes
*Offered virtually or in-studio

Email Halle@mongoosebw.com for more information

Past Courses

Two Day Workshop

Balanced Body Movement Principles™

This two day course takes a deep dive into to the logic beneath the “work”, exploring holistic and embodied approaches to assessment, biomechanics and teaching skills. Although designed for those embarking on a Pilates career, this course is also appropriate for established Pilates, Yoga , Physical Therapists , or movement enthusiasts interested in learning or reviewing the essential skills of moving. It is also a required course for students wishing to certify in the Pilates Method through Balanced Body®.


The Movement Principles provides a solid foundation for teaching movement in any environment. You will come away with a complete tool box for effectively teaching clients to move holistically , deepen their kinesthetic awareness and embody their biomechanics.

The movement principles course includes five sections:

  • Whole Body Movement
  • analyze posture, discuss common misalignments, local vrs global movement
  • Trunk Integration
  • breathing techniques,inner and outer units, lumbo-pelvic stability, spinal anatomy and health
  • Lower Body
  • anatomy of foot to pelvis, biomechanics of the hip, foot and ankle considerations
  • Upper Body
  • anatomy of the upper body, scapulo-humeral rhythm, shoulder girdle stabilization, functional exercises
  • Mobility and Restoration
  • stretch reflex ,myofascial release
Saturday June 4th, 9:30am-5:30pm
Sunday June 5th , 9:30am -5:30pm
Irvington, NY
In-person or Online
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Conference Course

Inspired Breathing

Breath brings life… but what about the core? This class focuses on integrative breathing techniques as a method to free the ribcage, thereby optimizing the core and mobilizing the shoulder girdle. Discussion includes how breathing techniques, sensory cues, and visualization can be incorporated into the teaching lesson.
*90 minutes
*Offered virtually through the Pilates Method Alliance

*Registration starting August 1, 2021

PMA 2021 Virtual Conference
November 10th – 13th, 2021

New to Mongoose Bodyworks?

We are delighted to offer new clients an introductory package
of three private sessions.