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Pilates Studio in New York City

Located in the heart of Soho, Mongoose Bodyworks has been helping New Yorkers heal and strengthen their minds and bodies through Pilates sessions for almost two decades.  We offer students customized training on both equipment and the mat for all levels ranging from beginner to advanced practitioners.  Our goal is to provide you with greater awareness of the mind/body connection while building strength, flexibility and conditioning.

Mongoose Bodyworks opened in Soho, NYC in 1999 and is owned and operated by one time professional modern dancer Halle Clarke. Originally conceived as a boutique Pilates studio, Mongoose Bodyworks has expanded to offer Massage, Reiki and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. The Mongoose was chosen as the studio’s namesake because it is strong, flexible, agile and intelligent.

What to Expect from Pilates

Pilates Workout Will Improve Your Posture and Core

Pilates is a body conditioning method that improves strength, flexibility, body/mind connection and posture without unnecessary strain. Students can choose from 55-minute private, duet, or small group classes by appointment in a relaxed and tranquil setting. Our students seek us out for a variety of reasons, ranging from therapeutic to athletic.

  • Development of a strong core – abdominals and back
  • Improved flexibility for increased athletic performance
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Reduced muscle imbalance for reduced possibility of injuries
  • Low impact and safe exercises
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Highly personalized workouts from beginner to advanced
  • Safe pre and post-natal strengthening
  • Alleviating symptoms associated with arthritis
  • Reducing chronic back pain


At Mongoose Bodyworks, our approach is collaborative, working with each student to assess their body, mind and spirit so that we can effectively help them grow inside and out. We seek to build core strength and flexibility in a gentle and thoughtful way, providing optimal opportunities for individual growth.

Pilates Studio NYC

We tailor each session, combining movements and techniques that will create a gentle, but challenging experience that may combine breathing exercises, assisted stretches, and several fast paced strength building activities. Our instructors assist students in reacting to the body’s messages to maximize the benefits of each workout. Our regimens are such that we can work with you and design sessions even if you have or have had physical issues such as: rotator cuff injury, knee surgery, spondylothesis, stenosis, arthritis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease and other disc pathologies. Of course, we strongly advocate that you check with your physician before undertaking any kind of physical activity.

Depending on the needs of each student, we can teach exercises that follow Classical Pilates or a more modified approach that follows the teachings of Contemporary Pilates. Classical Pilates closely follows the work of Joseph Pilate’s original work. There is little variation from his original exercises and or the order they were meant to be taught. Contemporary Pilates utilizes modern research that has advanced and influenced our understanding of complex biomechanics. While many exercises stay the same, several others are added to allow the maximum benefits for injury rehabilitation.

Our NYC Pilates Instructors

After spending more than a decade in movement as a modern dancer in New York City, Halle Clarke opened Mongoose Bodyworks in 1999. After training in The Pilates Method, Halle went on to become a 2nd generation master teacher and has continued her study of related disciplines including ideokinesiology, anatomy, biomechanics, neuromuscular re-patterning, Alexander technique, The Feldenkrais Method, Buddhist Dharma and energetic bodywork, integrating this knowledge into her work as a Pilates instructor and teacher trainer.

Pilates in SOHO. NYBecause she has set such a high standard, Halle attracts the most highly qualified teachers to work alongside her. All of the instructors at Mongoose Bodyworks are certified in The Pilates Method and have training in areas such as anatomy, postural assessment, yoga, energy work, and massage. Many of our instructors also have backgrounds in dance and gymnastics, allowing them to gain even greater insights into body movement and dynamics. Each Instructor brings their own unique and skillful approach to their sessions.

Why Choose Mongoose Bodyworks for Pilates in Soho, New York

Mongoose Bodyworks is a trusted source of Pilates sessions and has helped many New Yorkers lead better lives through a better mind/body connection. We work with each person on an individual basis to help them attain greater core strength, flexibility and awareness, leading to a healthier body and a happier life. Mongoose Bodyworks is committed to providing you a personalized Pilates experience that is effective, safe and fun! Start your path to well-being at this established New York City Pilates studio located in the heart of Soho.

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