Mind Your Body

Pilates exercise method is a wonderful solution to improve physical strength, develop mental alertness and increase the muscle power. At the Mongoose Bodyworks, we offer you specially designed Mind Your Body training program. It’s a Pilates exercise that aims at enhancing physical fitness quickly and improves the overall well being of your body.

No matter what fitness level you have, the Mind Your Body Pilates classes work well for almost everyone. At the Mongoose Bodyworks, we have expertly trained and certified instructors that take Pilates really seriously and work with utmost dedication to help clients improve their health.

Physical Fitness & Overall Wellness of Body

Pilates exercise system is around 100 years old. But its effectiveness has kept us alive generation after generation. With the Mind Our Body Pilates method exercise, we teach you ways that you can use to understand your body really well. Unless you understand your body, the perfect body-mind connection is hard to achieve.

The studio at the Mongoose Bodyworks is equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities that you may need during the Pilates training classes. All the apparatus conform to the latest industry standards. While completing the Mind Your Body exercise, you’ll learn the all the important techniques that make Pilates what it is today.

Whether you want individual sessions, duet or small group sessions, you will always be treated with an equal amount of supervision and professionalism. After the completion of the program, your body will have a renewed strength and you’ll be able to improve the overall quality of your life.