Looking to Become a Fitness Instructor?

Looking to Become a Fitness Instructor? Advances in modern medicine and increased knowledge in nutrition and health have created new jobs and expanded the need for existing ones. Among the many opportunities in the health sector is an increasing need for fitness...

Relieving Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis

Relieving Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis Pilates is one way to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with spinal stenosis. A one on one training session can be individualized to focus on lessening the compression of nerves in the lower back which is often associated...

Safe Exercise

Safe Exercise Pregnancy can be an exciting time in a female’s life, it can also be confusing, especially during a first pregnancy. Everyone usually has an opinion as to what’s best for the offspring, and many times with enough advice, it will start to contradict...

Staying Active with Osteoporosis

Staying Active with Osteoporosis As the human body ages it becomes more susceptible to various types of degenerative diseases. One of them is osteoporosis. It causes the bones to become weak and brittle and less able to regenerate after damage. Pilates is one of the...

Working Out in the City

Working Out in the City Me and Clarissa grew up in the city, and as she explained it all, any workout regimen we decide to take on has to be indoors. We both love to take trips north to breath fresh air and hike in the woods, but that is more of a vacation than part...

Muscle Strengthening with a Bad Back

Muscle Strengthening with a Bad Back Having a bad back, weather as a result of injury or just improper posture can seriously interfere with a person’s quality of life. Painkillers can only help so much because they are not a cure, just temporary relief until the pain...
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