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We’re all a little off these days. And for good reason. Covid-19, the global pandemic of our lifetime, has us on edge. The fear of the unknown, manifesting as an invisible entity that causes serious physical harm, or even death, is almost too much to bear. This silent and rapid spreader has New York City and the rest of the world “sheltering-in-place” or staying at home to help bring the virus to its knees. While here in the city we can go outside for a walk, and a much-needed glimpse of anything other than our own apartment, making that escape from our building is harrowing. The mindfulness, or rather paranoia, to not touch the banister, or an elevator button, or the entry way door handle on the way out is unnerving. And a trip of bravery to the grocery store can be considered taking your life in your hands — even if you’re wearing plastic gloves and a mask.

But there is something you can do in the safety of your own home that will bring you some relief and a bit of normalcy, along with a neutral spine! While private sessions at our sweet Pilates studio in Soho are on hiatus, the lovely and talented instructors at Mongoose Bodyworks can meet you online for virtual private Pilates. The intimacy of our studio space has fostered many long-term friendships and working relationships, formed from weekly sessions, where we focus together to create better body awareness, strength, and flexibility. For the foreseeable future, we can continue with the progress we’ve made in the studio, and maintain our Pilates bodies, by simply taking it online. The innovative genius of Joseph Pilates’ exercises, and all the extras our instructors have to offer, clearly translates to fun, well-crafted, and individualized virtual private Pilates sessions. Also, constructive movement at home is essential to manage stress, strengthens immunity, and keeps us sane.

This morning, after taking a virtual Pilates class, I noticed that I could breathe so much easier. And I felt more connected. For the past few weeks, too many of us have probably been holding our breath, without even realizing it. Pilates syncs our breath with movements, big or small, and grounds us. The instructors at Mongoose Bodyworks are uniquely qualified to provide you with sessions that will get you breathing. We also specialize in working with a variety of clientele, and have extensive experience with back issues, arthritis, and rehabbing injuries. New clients are welcome to our Mongoose family, and we are so excited to flex our muscles with virtual private Pilates. From using cans, to wine bottles, to stacked books, we can improvise with household items to make you sweat. Getting back to the basics has only honed our skills.

Two weeks ago, a client taking virtual private Pilates thanked me for giving her something to look forward to on Fridays. Unbeknownst to her, I felt the same way. We need consistency, familiarity, and togetherness in this time, when the safest thing we can do for ourselves and others, is to be apart. By partaking in virtual private Pilates, we have the opportunity to connect, to move, and to breathe, until we can be together again — pandemic-free.

To learn more about virtual Private Pilates and stay connected during the covid-19 pandemic contact us at

Mongoose Bodyworks is a boutique Pilates studio in soho NYC that focuses on delivering customized private sessions designed for your exact needs. Heather Dubin is a Pilates Instructor at Mongoose Bodyworks and a freelance writer in NYC.