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Is Pilates Better Than Yoga?

Many people who want to choose an exercise regime may ask the question: is Pilates better than yoga? Of course either may be of benefit and the answer depends on your goals . In any case, however, theteacher makes all the difference.

Suppose, for example, that you’re having pain in your knee joint, to the point where you may even be considering knee surgery or stem cell therapy. Your knee issues are probably going to make it difficult for you to do yoga, with its many extreme range poses that are held for a period of time. In this case, you are probably better off doing Pilates, which involves more therapeutic exercises and core strengthening and re-education. Having a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor can help you to do the exercises safely and rebuild strength so that you can more easily regain the use of your knees, whatever therapy you end up choosing.

Comparing Pilates and Yoga

If you have taken both Pilates and yoga before you probably noticed that Pilates classes are focused on the quality of movement, the “how” of moving and correct muscle recruitment. This has a functional translation into everyday movement. In most yoga classes the instructor has you going into a pose and remaining very still while you focus on your breathing. A Pilates instructor is less likely to ask you to hold a position for a few minutes at a time.

However, Pilates and yoga are both very similar in that they require your total concentration. Both are focused on conscious breathing, and in both methods, proper alignment is crucial. You can injure yourself doing either form of exercise if it is done improperly. This is why it’s important to have skilled instruction that enables you to work within your own physical limitations.

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