Mongoose Bodyworks

Working Out in the City

Me and Clarissa grew up in the city, and as she explained it all, any workout regimen we decide to take on has to be indoors. We both love to take trips north to breath fresh air and hike in the woods, but that is more of a vacation than part of our regular routine. To stay in shape, we had to settle on something we can commit to on a regular basis, something that is nearby our homes. We live in the NOHO district of NYC and preferred something we can do within a few blocks.
There are several exercise studios in a small geographical area because this is NYC after all. We decided to try out Pilates. We were in pretty good shape from regular work outs at the gym where we utilized standard exercise equipment and a pool but it got boring, which is why we wanted to try something new. We looked into Yoga and liked a few concepts such as the mind connection and the slower pace but it seemed a bit too slow. As we expected, Pilates turned out to be a perfect balance of the physical aspects we were used to from the gym and the mind, overall well-being concepts that interested us about yoga. There were a few studios in SOHO that initially caught our attention but we settled on the Mongoose Bodyworks. This studio has been around since 1999 and has very knowledgeable and experienced instructors that not only made sure we got the most out of every work out but were able to describe how every move affected and benefitted our bodies, surprisingly they knew quite a bit about human anatomy. Over a year later we are still into Pilates and are very happy with it.
Mongoose Bodyworks offers a Pilates program that provides overall wellness of body and mind. Located in NYC. Phone number 212-431-8377.