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What Makes Pilates Unique Among Movement Systems?

When you think about it, it’s no wonder that so many Americans are unfit. A lot of advertising touts the perfect body and we’re always seeing fit models prancing about on the screen, implying that we should all look like them. We may want to work hard for a little while in the hope that maybe one day we can, but that’s not very good long-term motivation. We also work long hours and sit for long periods of time, settling on fast food and other nutritional compromises. We get disconnected from who we are and how our bodies work.

Pilates can make us remember what being healthy really means and teach us what the real motivations are, the ones that last a lifetime: knowing that you’ll feel good, be able to do what you need to do more easily and effectively, and be there for the ones you love for many years to come. At Mongoose Bodyworks, we understand the importance of true physical fitness and can help you get there.

More Than Just a Bikini Body

When we’re young and looking for a mate, we often think that a bikini body is the key to getting what we want. We may pop diet supplements or starve ourselves in the hope of making that happen. But Pilates can teach us that health and happiness are about a lot more than that. Pilates doesn’t just give you flat abs. It works the body as a whole, complex mechanism, one in which a dysfunction in one area affects the function of everything else.

No matter how beautiful and slim we are, all of us are going to get old. Aging often teaches us many lessons that youth does not, and one of them is that if you take care of your body, it will take care of you. To care for your body properly, you need to use your mind.  Pilates teaches you to do both, by focusing on breathing and concentration. Doing Pilates regularly helps you build strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. As you age, these things become more and more important.

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