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What Does Pilates Do to Your Body?

If you’re looking for a method of exercise that is both challenging and rewarding and will improve your overall physical fitness, Pilates is the method for you. Pilates can help you develop a more toned and lean appearance and become both stronger and more flexible. 

To move more efficiently, we need to strengthen our core, which includes the muscles of the abdomen, the back, and the pelvic floor. These muscles help balance and support the entire body and also improve posture. Poor posture and weak core muscles lead to back pain, pressure on the discs of the spine, and impediment of lung expansion during a natural breath cycle. Doing Pilates exercises regularly will prevent this from happening. A professional Pilates instructor from Mongoose Bodyworks can show you the way.

The Changes That Occur as We Age

As people age, parts of their body begin to wear out. Degeneration of the spine can lead to a hunched back and back pain, and wear and tear on cartilage can lead to malfunctioning knees and hips. This can affect balance and mobility, and can even make people more prone to injury as they age.

Loss of balance and mobility can lead to more inactivity and reluctance to exercise, which in turn leads to more loss of balance and mobility, creating a vicious cycle. You can stop this downward spiral by learning how to do Pilates. Pilates exercises will stimulate both your body and brain, enhancing your total well-being in a way you can truly feel.

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