Mongoose Bodyworks

The Pilates in Soho we offer is a Whole Body Conditioning Method

Workouts are not universally interchangeable. To keep all of you in shape, from biceps to calves, can seem daunting. No matter what your workout program, it seems like you’re always leaving something out, as hard as you might try to cover it all. Plenty of programs boast an ability to tone each and every muscle in your body, right down to the ones you didn’t even know you had; it’s hard to know, though, if they’re for real. Mongoose Bodyworks, offering Pilates in Soho NYC, not only offers a comprehensive workout but instructors who have studied Pilates, yoga, massage and anatomy, guaranteeing that your workout will keep you covered, head to toe. Pilates has long been admired for its ability to work all of your muscles, not just the over-trained muscle groups we’re all familiar with. Being healthy is what’s important, not whether you can bench-press a car. Instructors at Mongoose understand that, and they want your experience to be something you can be enthusiastic about, leaving their clients with a sense of refreshed energy that they can carry out of the studio and into the rest of the world. Pilates is designed to work out your body without undue strain on your muscles; focused on engaging all the core muscles used for everything from a long walk to an endurance run, the idea is to find balance between fitness and over-exertion, between physical and mental health. Mongoose, offering Pilates in NYC downtown, understands those divides, and strives to ensure that their workouts engage their clients on all fronts. Flexibility, endurance, proper breathing, and expert instruction guarantee that your workout will meet those goals. Most of us exercise to be healthier, not to prove to the entire world that we can have grapefruit-sized biceps. Improving your body in its entirety through a comprehensive workout might not make you look like a body builder; but you will look and feel better. What’s really important, after all—having arms so big you can’t buy normal shirts, or being healthy, fit, and ready to take on the world?