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No one really listens and takes the advice of their mothers, especially when something new is involved and mom just does not seem to be up on her information. I am shamefully guilty of ignoring my mother’s advice, even if it may be about one of the best NY Pilates classes that will change the way I view workouts. My story is more of a tribute to my mom and I want to thank her for directing me to Mongoose Bodyworks. My mom has always exercised, back in the day of Jane Fonda’s shiny leotard. I remember watching her jump around our living room, following these tapes and perfecting her moves. She turned to light weights to tone trouble areas and was quick to jump on the dance-aerobic bandwagon. All these seemed like silly ways to get in shape. At just 10 years old, what did I know? I was young, healthy and fit. All I needed to do was going outside and play; I did not understand the struggles of the adult body. When I became and adult and mother myself, I found that I needed to find a way to “play” again. Of course, this led to actual workouts. Being younger than my mom is, I found that I looked to newer workouts, joining a gym for all the cardio machines available. With a weak mid section, I began to look into New York Pilates studios since there has been a bunch of new information stating that Pilates will tighten your core. I was all about trying that. During lunch with my sister, she mentioned mom’s new workout and how she has gone to Mongoose Bodyworks in search of a better 60-year-old body. My jaw dropped as I realized that this was the very conversation that I have been ignoring for the last few months. My mom looks great and she only does Pilates and a little light walking. I admit I am jealous of her results. Apparently, she knows something that I should have been paying attention to, Pilate’s classes are the way to go if you want to change something and Mongoose Bodyworks classes deliver results.