Mongoose Bodyworks

Staying Active with Osteoporosis

As the human body ages it becomes more susceptible to various types of degenerative diseases. One of them is osteoporosis. It causes the bones to become weak and brittle and less able to regenerate after damage. Pilates is one of the best ways to strengthen the muscles surrounding the bones and improve balance through core strengthening to reduce falls and slips which may result in broken bones. In NYC, Mongoose Bodyworks is a Pilates studio that employs trainers that are knowledgeable in helping people with osteoporosis.
It all comes down to core strength and proper alignment. The individualized exercise regiments focus on correct execution of every move during the session to fully engage the targeted muscle groups and prevent injury that may have resulted without such keen observation. Stronger core leads to better balance making it easier to stay upright with further prevents injuries by reducing the chances a person will fall at the slightest provocation.
Pilates has been called a skeleton-saving workout, in fact many doctors, in NYC and elsewhere prescribe it as a preferred method of physical therapy in addition to medication and a proper diet. Because Pilates is slow pace, methodical type of workout it is preferable for older people. Other types of exercise programs, especially those carried out in large groups or alone may pose a hazard for those suffering from osteoporosis. Lack of care in movement can further damage the already weak bones and end up causing more harm than good. Just like a person with an open wound shouldn’t play in the dirt, a person with this type of bone condition should not go out and start an exercise program without knowing the effect it may have on their condition.
Mongoose Bodyworks offers a Pilates program that provides overall wellness of body and mind. Located in NYC. Phone number 212-431-8377.