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Safe Exercise

Pregnancy can be an exciting time in a female’s life, it can also be confusing, especially during a first pregnancy. Everyone usually has an opinion as to what’s best for the offspring, and many times with enough advice, it will start to contradict itself. This is especially true when it comes to the amount of physical exertion the mother-to-be should exert. Some advice to minimize such activity to a slow-paced walk and nothing more while others say that even a moderate workout with lifting and some straining will stand to benefit the fetus. Living in NYC, there are many options to choose from if a female decides to take on exercise during pregnancy.
Pilates has been approved by many gynecologists to be a safe form of exercise for their patients. The controlled environment, close supervision and lack of abrupt movements are the main attributes for this specific type of physical activity for pregnant women. The Pilates studios in NYC focus on core exercise that strengthen the abdomen and back. When started early on in the pregnancy, the stronger muscles could possibly make the final delivery easier.
The recovery of the mother’s physical body can be accelerated through regular exercise prior to giving birth. If the female’s body is already in shape, then returning it back after birth will be easier. A Pilates program can be tailored to focus on the individual client, in this case every conditioning move that the pregnant woman performs is to benefit her and her offspring. Any exercises that may unnecessarily strain or stress either one is avoided.
In addition to performing the exercise, Pilates promotes a mind – body connection that stays with the clients long after they are done with the session.
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