Relief from back pain- Pilates

Pilates has become well known for its ability to alleviate back pain. I have even had orthopedists and back surgeons referring clients to our Pilates Studio. Of course not every teacher is equipped to handle each case. An instructor who has been through an average Pilates program will most likely have learned some anatomy and is familiar with a few back issues as well as the contraindications for these conditions. If the teacher has been teaching more than 3 years it is possible that she/he has taken continuing education in spinal pathologies. It is best to read the instructor’s bio or to simple ask them if they have had experience with your condition. There are also Pilates schools that are much more thorough, and a graduate from one of the more comprehensive schools will produce a teacher who can handle back issues on day one. At my studio, Mongoose Bodyworks we see clients with spondylothesis, spondylolisthesis, stenosis, arthritis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease and other disc pathologies. With each of these conditions the mechanics of the spine become essential to the clients quality of life. We can’t necessarily reverse the condition but a lot can be done to manage the pain and facilitate an active life style. Halle Clarke Mongoose Bodyworks Pilates soho, Pilates NYC, Pilates new York city,Pilates spondylothesis , Pilates spondylolisthesis, pilates stenosis, pilates arthritis, pilates scoliosis, pilates osteoporosis, pilates degenerative disc disease, pilates disc pathologies, Pilates spondylothesis nyc, Pilates spondylolisthesis nyc, pilates stenosis nyc, pilates arthritis nyc, pilates scoliosis nyc, pilates osteoporosis nyc, pilates degenerative disc disease nyc, pilates disc pathologies nyc,