Mongoose Bodyworks

Pilates on Fifth

In an age when our schedules have become so hectic, it’s really tough to find some time for the well being of our body and mind. And when you take out some time, it’s important to wise it really carefully. No wonder, the Mongoose Bodyworks brings you private Pilates classes in downtown New York City on fifth. Our main goal is main via these private classes is to help people enhance their body postures, get rid of stress and increase muscle tone.

Since the year 1999 (when our company was set up), we have been helping our clients improve their health and lifestyle as a perfect boutique Pilates studio. Pilates, named after Joseph Pilates, is a wonderful form of exercise that works to increase the overall strength of the body, recharge the muscles and regain your actual physical strength.

Private Pilates Classes in New York City

If you are a resident of the New York City (NYC), you can always come to our studio for private classes in Pilates. The fact that our clients keep coming back to us is due to our expert team of instructors. All the instructors that offer private classes at the Mongoose Bodyworks are expertly trained and highly qualified in the Pilates method.

Apart from being well-trained in the Pilates method, our instructors also carry extensive experience in other areas of physical fitness and well being including anatomy, postural assessment, yoga etc.

Once you step into our studio, you’ll be really happy with the kind of quality and standards we maintain in our private Pilates classes in New York City (NYC) on fifth. Whether you want to complete the modules in a short group or individually, this is for you to choose. No matter which option you choose, you receive a certification from Balanced Body University as you complete your fitness training through the Pilates exercise system.