Pilates New York City

For the last 100 years, the Pilates method has been a highly useful solution for managing stress and conditioning the body. Today, both the common masses and the celebrities have turned to this system of exercise to alleviate stress, increase muscular strength and improve body posture. At the Mongoose Bodyworks, we aim to help people improve their health by offering Pilates classes in downtown New York City.

Mongoose Bodyworks has the distinction of being the first Pilates studio in Soho (South of Houston), NYC. Set up back in 1999, our studio has been a preferred choice for people who want to learn Pilates. We always strive to pay equal attention to each of our clients.

Body Conditioning & Stress Control

Body conditioning and stress management is fun with Pilates. By attending our Pilates classes in downtown New York City, you learn how to connect your body with mind, alleviate stress and increase the strength of muscles. You can always expect to get only the best during our Pilates sessions, as every class is conducted by expertly trained and certified instructors.

Thanks to our highly skilled Pilates instructors, they have doing a great job in helping people improve their lives. In every class, special focus is given on gaining a good understanding of your body. We believe that complete well being of health can be achieved only when you know your body really well. And, as you may know, no two bodies are alike.