Mongoose Bodyworks

Pilates in Soho is not all the Same

It’s important to stay in shape. We all know that; most of us value our health, and understand that exercise is a vital way to keep ourselves going. Pilates, which offers a low-impact, easy way to stay in shape, is a fantastic option—we know that, too. The increasing popularity of Pilates, though, has led to a significant rise in the number of classes available. The challenge now isn’t finding Pilates in Soho, it’s how to choose the right class. As with any workout, the experience of your instructors and the size of the classes make an enormous difference. Obviously, you want your teachers to know what they’re doing. What use is experience, though, if you’re in a class so big you can’t get the attention you need? Pilates is meant to be a comprehensive workout, leaving you refreshed and energized even as you get fit. Clearly, then, it’s important to have an experience that leaves you satisfied. Mongoose Bodyworks, which offers Pilates in Soho NYC, have you covered. Instructors at Mongoose boast years of experience and an understanding of the most basic goal of Pilates—your mental and physical health—that ensures you get what you need from your experience. Classes are offered in three sizes: single, making you the absolute center of attention; “duet,” which gives you the option of bringing a friend, while still getting quality one-on-one instructor time; and small group, which provides community atmosphere without getting lost in the crowd. Instructors at Mongoose have studied Pilates, yoga, anatomy, and massage to make sure that you get the best workout you possibly can. If you’re looking to get in shape, Pilates is a great option. Low-impact workouts (especially for those with neck or back pain) help you look and feel better without grueling over-exertion. Like any workout program, though, not all Pilates studios offer the same programs, or the same experience. Mongoose Bodyworks wants you to feel your best: and their classes help you achieve that goal with qualified instructors, one-on-one attention, and genuine focus on enjoying your workout. Mongoose Bodyworks 594 Broadway, Suite 904 Soho, NYC,10012