Mongoose Bodyworks

Pilates in Soho

We’re faced with a wide variety of physical challenges in our daily lives. And our busy lives make it difficult for us to pay careful attention to the improvement of our fitness and health. Thanks to Joseph Pilates (1912 –- 1967) who gifted us with a very sophisticated system of body conditioning exercise that we know today as Pilates. Pilates has become one of the hottest fitness trends because it’s a wonderful solution to improve your body and muscles for maximum performance.
If you’’re looking for Pilates classes in Soho, Mongoose Bodyworks is at your service. Our studio offers many back exercise programs that focus on body conditioning and rehabilitative fitness training.

Our Pilates studio in Soho, NYC, is provided with all the necessary facilities, equipment and apparatus that one needs for completing this training or exercise program. The setting is also one of it’s kind so that you get one of the finest Pilates learning experiences.

Body Conditioning & Rehabilitation

At the Mongoose Bodyworks, you can learn rehabilitation exercises as well as get rid of bad backs. Pilates is truly a wonderful technique that teaches you how to use your body and mind in synergy. When you’’re able to develop good coordination between body and mind, you can easily condition your body for maximum physical performance.

Our Pilates for bad backs exercise programs are not designed for just one specific age group or fitness level. No matter what age group you belong to or what fitness level you have, our programs provide optimum results everyone who’’s looking for rehabilitative fitness training.