Pilates in Nolita NYC

Pilates, that has a 100-year-old history, is a proven technique to increase muscle power, tone the body and improve health. If your stress level is deteriorating your health continuously, Pilates classes in Nolita NYC held by the Mongoose Bodyworks is just the perfect solution. It’s our continuous effort to improve your overall health so that you can lead a fulfilling life.

Hectic schedules have made our lives a lot tougher. In a bid to look after our important duties and obligations, we don’t pay adequate attention to our health. The continuously increasing stress level leads to many different types of ailments many of which take up a chronic form.

Pilates technique help you fight against body stress. It recharges the muscles and tones them for maximum strength. Different exercises in this method help the body to realize its fullest potential. At the Mongoose Bodyworks, NYC, we offer specialized Pilates stress management classes for people of all fitness levels and age groups.

Stress Management Classes

The stress management classes at the Mongoose Bodyworks are conducted by instructors who carry several years of experience in Pilates method. In addition, our instructors are extremely well trained and qualified in other areas of body well being – postural assessment, yoga, energy work, anatomy. They treat everyone with an equal amount of professionalism.

Our studio in Nolita, NYC, is equipped with the facilities and accessories that are necessary for perfect Pilates classes. We clearly understand the two bodies are not the same. That’s why we pay individual attention to each of our clients so they reduce their stress level quickly and improve body strength.