Pilates for Men

Men have been a bit slower to sign on to a Pilates program then women, but the gap is beginning to close. Men do Pilates for the same reason women do; to get in shape, stay in shape, recover from an injury, improve a sport, look better and feel better. It is more common that men come to Pilates because they have been referred to a studio by their DR. or wife to remedy their aching back, herniated disc, poor posture etc. and less so because they are curious about Pilates. But however it is that they get here, they tend to stay. The myth that Pilates is easy is soon broken and once they start to see changes they are hooked. Men that do Pilates tend to fall into the a few categories: men who don’t like to exercise and therefore find Pilates more enjoyable then the typical workout, men who love to exercise and want yet another modality to challenge themselves with, men who have an injury and NEED Pilates, and men who sit a lot and want to reverse their slumped posture. Which is really not all that much different from women! Mongoose Bodyworks A boutique Pilates studio in Soho, NYC