Mongoose Bodyworks

Our Pilates NYC Studio has been around since 1999

Pilates might seem like a recent fad. Certainly, it has an aura of “buzz” quality; celebrity converts, books being published left and right. However, Mongoose Bodyworks, offering Pilates in Soho NYC, is anything but a recent addition. In fact, one might say Mongoose was into Pilates before Pilates was cool: since 1999, Mongoose has been offering classes, providing expert instruction from the tranquil, convenient setting of its Soho studio. There’s a reason for the current popularity of Pilates. As a workout, Pilates offers flexibility, strength, and an emphasis on both mental and physical health. We all know a good workout both relaxes and energizes: feeling good and looking good keep us going in the face of hectic schedules and busy lives. Through small classes—offered either in “private,” “duet,” or “small group”—the instructors at Mongoose Bodyworks strive to ensure that you receive the attention you need. Whether you want to get fit or just make sure you have enough energy to keep up with a busy schedule, Pilates is a great way to meet those goals. It takes years to truly become great at something, and the instructors at Mongoose can attest to that; they’ve dedicated countless hours to Pilates, yoga, anatomy, and massage, to truly be the best they can be. As with anything, experience is key, and the classes at Mongoose prove it. Tailored to give you the best experience possible by emphasizing the connection between body and mind, Mongoose—ever so conveniently offering Pilates in Soho NYC— keeps classes small to ensure that you get the attention you need. Pilates might seem “faddish” at the moment. Mongoose Bodyworks, though, is anything but a fad, and its instructors know that the only way to truly understand what they teach is through dedication. Pilates offers a workout that builds muscle, promotes relaxation and provides energy for world-weary clients. Devoting years to the study of Pilates and its effect on the body, the staff at Mongoose offer a wealth of experience from their studio: all they ask is that you come give them a try.