Mongoose Bodyworks

New York Pilates Instructors have Varying Degrees of Experience

I never thought of myself as someone that would take a Pilates class. I spent all my time working up a sweat on the elliptical machines and pumping iron in the weight room. I was pretty convinced that there was nothing that could compete, never mind top, the workouts that I was doing. This was before I looked into New York Pilates studios. This is where I found a workout that exceeded my expectations. To me, Pilates was nothing more than another name for yoga. I did not spend any time learning just what this was and how it can help me achieve a higher level of fitness. Instead, I focused on lifting heavier weights and pushing harder in my cardio workouts. I turned to the internet to find some answers as to what Pilates is and how it can help me condition my body in a way that I have never thought of before, through flexibility improvement. In my searches, I found New York Pilates sessions in the Manhattan area that caught my eye. Mongoose Bodyworks seemed to be what I was looking for since they work on flexibility and aim to improve strength in addition to working on the “core” of the body. Even more impressive was the list of instructors that range from massage, yoga and energy. They all come from different backgrounds as well; some are dancers as well as physical therapists. I am feeling confident that I will gain more strength through private sessions. I have always been one that enjoys learning new things but find that I can be a little shy. Mongoose Bodyworks offers different sessions depending on your level of comfort. I can say that Pilates gives me a different kind of workout, one that I did not expect to be as difficult. It is much more than some stretching, I actually find that my body quivers where muscles are not as strong as I expect them to be. With time, I feel that those areas that I have let remain weak will begin to build strength. This has been a fantastic addition to my regular workouts and I leave feeling renewed, ready for a new day.