Mongoose Bodyworks

Mongoose Body Works offers Pilates Soho

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle tone, or simply help yourself feel like a better, healthier you, Mongoose Bodyworks has you covered. The studio, offering Pilates in Soho, NYC, promises not only a tranquil setting for your workout but downtown convenience and enthusiastic, expert instruction from certified Pilates instructors. Taught either in private, “duet,” or small group classes, Mongoose Bodyworks is less about “bulking up” than learning to be closer to your body and meeting your personal goals. Intimidated? Don’t be. Pilates isn’t just for experts or the workout-obsessed. Emphasizing muscle control, flexibility, and strength, the workout method has experienced budding popularity over the last decade, especially due to its low-impact method of muscle building. Mongoose puts the priority on your comfort and the quality of your experience; after all, an unpleasant workout isn’t only off-putting, it’s counter-productive. For some of us, a regular workout can seem unachievable. Busy schedules, tense workdays, and stress can make the gym seem like systematic torture, not healthy relaxation. For those with chronic back or neck pain (spending hours at a desk, perhaps?), exercise can feel downright risky: is staying fit worth a doctor’s visit? Pilates in NYC downtown at Mongoose Bodyworks offers low-impact, breathing-centric exercises that not only promise not to exacerbate current issues; they offer lasting improvement. The instructors are familiar and comfortable with clients looking to ease chronic pain issues: they offer years of experience, whether you’re a chronic pain sufferer or “pain free” and just looking for a healthier lifestyle. Life can be frantic. It’s a challenge to stay on top of everything; the majority of us have a hard enough time, between work, our private lives, and taking care of ourselves. Pilates is more than a celebrity-fueled fad or workout craze: it’s an experience meant to help all of you, mind, body, and soul. With small classes, a tranquil setting, and certified instructors, Mongoose Bodyworks ensures that your experience will keep you cheerful, fit, and relaxed—no matter how stressful the rest of your life might be.