Looking to Become a Fitness Instructor?

Advances in modern medicine and increased knowledge in nutrition and health have created new jobs and expanded the need for existing ones. Among the many opportunities in the health sector is an increasing need for fitness instructors beyond those at standard gyms. Pilates is an exercise program that focuses on more than just working out and gaining muscle. It certainly has those elements but it incorporates more core training, physical therapy and aspects of yoga as well.
Successful Pilates teacher training in NYC involves studying the necessary knowledge and practical application. The Balanced Body University offers such a program with a certification upon completion. It teaches more than just the moves but how to “see” the human body as it goes through the motion of Pilates exercises and the impact they are having on particular muscle groups. It provides the knowledge for trainers to be able to determine if a particular move is being done correctly so as to benefit the client without aggravating any injuries they might have. In addition to having the knowledge themselves, the Pilates teacher training provides the tools to explain this knowledge to the clients.
At Pilates studios, such as the Mongoose Bodyworks, instructors are handpicked to go a step further and provide an overall wellness factor to every client. After receiving the initial certification, continuing education courses are also available online. These are available through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and the Balanced Body University (BBU), as well as other fitness organizations.
Becoming a Pilates fitness is more involved than just taking a class online, it requires extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, people skills and a certain intuition that allows the instructor to see whether an exercise is being carried out correctly. If it is not, adjustments need to be made for the clients to get the full benefit.
Mongoose Bodyworks offers a Pilates program that provides overall wellness of body and mind. Located in NYC. Phone number 212-431-8377.