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Can Pilates help with Anxiety?

The modern world is fast-moving and filled with technology, unrealistic demands, and every day stresses. Everyone feels some anxiety from time to time, but when we let anxiety take charge, our sense of reality gets distorted and we cannot function well at home or at work. Our thoughts can become like a speeding train, and it can take what feels like a Herculean effort to get our minds under control again. With its focus on breathing, concentrating, and staying in the present moment, Pilates takes us off of the speeding train. At Mongoose Bodyworks, our skilled Pilates instructors can help you reclaim your mental focus.

Anxiety Affects Your Whole Body

The effects of chronic anxiety on the body are insidious. Anxiety may be harming you and you may not even be aware of it. Mental stress interferes with the functioning of the body on almost every level. It can disrupt your ability to sleep, digest food, and even oxygenate your body. Anxiety also creates tension in various muscles and causes your endocrine system to secrete stress hormones that can result in weight gain, craving unhealthy foods, and jumping at the slightest noise. Part of your practice in learning Pilates will be to reconnect with your body and recognize when anxiety is taking over to intervene before too much damage is done.

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