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Is Pilates a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Those who want to lose weight quickly may decide to use methods like low-carb diets, weight loss supplements, or even prescription medications. Pilates is about much more than simply losing weight. Pilates helps you condition, tone, and strengthen your entire body so that anything you do – from simple everyday activities to rigorous exercise routines – is done more efficiently and bears more fruit.

Pilates is a general physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates during the early 20th century. Pilates emphasizes the use of the body’s core, or abdomen, lower back and deep gluteal muscles. Learning Pilates requires focus and concentration, and to learn it correctly, it’s wise to begin by meeting with an experienced instructor. The instructors at Mongoose Bodyworks of New York City are professionals who can work with you at your level.

Making Exercise Easier

Losing weight in a healthy way almost always means increasing your level of activity. Pilates helps you accomplish this by making any form of exercise easier to do. The time and effort that you put into learning Pilates will pay off in many different ways.

When you do Pilates, your strength and coordination will begin to increase day by day. As your core muscles become stronger, you will walk better, sit better, climb stairs more easily, and do just about anything with less effort. You’ll probably feel better, too, and have more energy. Pilates can also alleviate back pain, and even make you feel more optimistic and less inclined to crave unhealthy foods.

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If you’d like to lose some weight and make an investment in your overall health and well-being, call to make an appointment with one of our qualified Pilates instructors today. All of the instructors at Mongoose Bodyworks are certified in the Pilates Method and have knowledge in many related disciplines. Email us at and let us show you how you can become the best you can be. We serve New York City and surrounding areas.