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How Pilates can boost running performance

Outdoor running is a great way to stay fit. Running can calm the mind, strengthen the heart and lungs, and help with losing weight and keeping it off.

Pilates can boost running performance by coordinating the core muscles that are needed for both walking and running. A regular Pilates practice improves alignment, making each step you take more bio-mechanically effective and less likely for repetitive motions , like running, to cause injury.

The certified instructors at Mongoose Bodyworks understand how the body’s muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia interact to produce movement and can help you meet your unique fitness goals.

Demands of Running

The act of running places many demands on your body and subjects it to many forces it is usually not exposed to during routine activities. As a result, running often results in injury and degenerative conditions like the loss of knee cartilage. For running to be a successful way of getting fit, the runner’s body must be prepared for the demands.

Pilates exercises enable you to strengthen the muscles of the hips, knees, and legs in a way that does not strain them, as many of the exercises are done in a low impact way. It also keeps muscles and joints in correct alignment while you exercise, ensuring that forces are not distributed in such a way that they injure your joints. When the hip, leg and core muscles are strong, you’re less likely to hurt a joint while running.

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