Mongoose Bodyworks

Getting in Shape is Easy at our Pilates NYC Studio

We all know the feeling. That moment when, halfway up the stairs, you realize you’re breathing a little too heavily. Or the point where you realize you’re not as flexible as you were, say, a few years ago. Whatever it is, it’s a moment we’ve all had: the moment when you realize it’s time to get in shape. There are lots of ways to get fit: but with daunting schedules and on-the-go lifestyles, it’s easy for exercise to fall by the wayside. Mongoose Bodyworks, which teaches Pilates in Soho NYC, wants to help. Staying healthy is, obviously, important: but being in shape also keeps us relaxed, cheerful, and ready to keep up with hectic schedules and busy lives. We’re not all up to ten-mile sprints or hours of bodybuilding, though, and a “spin” class can verge on the ridiculous—so much spandex! I, personally, suffer from a condition I like to term “workout awkwardness.” Sure, sweating is good for me. Sure, I love Pilates. I just don’t like people seeing my “do you feel the burn?” face. Thankfully, Mongoose has people like me covered; classes are offered in “single,” “duet,” or “small group,” ensuring that workout sessions are comfortable and intimate. Extra attention from the instructors doesn’t hurt, either. “Duet,” which lets you bring a partner, saves both of you money and means that you get to share your post-workout glow without worrying about how silly you may or may not have looked—not to mention that the convenience of offering Pilates in NYC downtown means that Mongoose is accessible whatever your schedule. Pilates has become more and more popular over the last few years, among all kinds of fitness enthusiasts—from celebrities to coworkers, it’s hard not to hear about everything Pilates has to offer. Emphasizing muscle control, flexibility, and attention to breathing, it helps you get in shape without feeling like you’re in boot camp. The instructors at Mongoose know that it’s important for you to feel comfortable, and for you to leave feeling good about your workout, and about yourself.