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Exercising in NYC; how to hydrate after a Pilates session

Hydration is an important element to any exercise routine. Sports drinks and Coconut water replenish sodium ( an electrolyte) and carbohydrates back into the muscle and may be the best choice for long and intense workouts in which participants sweat a lot.   Coconut water comes in its natural state as well as a “sodium enhanced” version. Sodium is the main electrolyte that is lost when one sweats and is therefore considered the most important to replace. Although studies for coconut water are slim, in April 2011 the New York Times cited a study that concluded that the enhanced coconut water hydrated and replenished as well as the average sports drink.   This same article in The New York Times proclaimed that water is the best hydrator for “those who exercise at a moderate intensity for an hour or less”. A typical Pilates session should challenge muscle stamina and may cause one to break into a light sweat but probably doesn’t warrant an electrolyte filled drink. At my studio in Soho NYC we always have water available for our clients and often suggest they take small sips of water throughout the session. I would suggest drinking 2-3 cups of water a few hours before and immediately after a Pilates Session and save the sodium drinks for super hot days or longer more intense periods of exercise. Mongoose Bodyworks A boutique Pilates Studio in Soho, NYC 10012