Mongoose Bodyworks

Core Pilates in NYC

Are you aware of the benefits Pilates training can bring you? Well, some key benefits of this body conditioning exercise include increase in the overall flexibility, enhancement in core strength, development of a flat tummy and promotion in weight loss. If you’re looking for core Pilates training in NYC, the Mongoose Bodyworks welcomes you!

At our Pilates studio, we concentrate on conditioning your entire body so that it connects really well with the mind. By improving the body-mind connection, we aim to help clients get rid of depression, increase mental health and maintain positive self-esteem. Ultimately, you get a lifestyle that keeps you happy on both the personal and professional fronts.

Fitness and body conditioning is a lot of fun at the Mongoose Bodyworks studio. After completing our training programs and sessions, you’ll be able to lead a disciplined life with maximum vigor and strength.

Physical Fitness & Body Conditioning

Our entire core Pilates training programs are conducted by expert and highly skilled instructors. Every instructor at our studio is certified in the Pilates exercising techniques. Classes are available for all levels of fitness and strengths. Depending on your specific requirements, we can offer you private sessions, duets, small group classes etc.

Our core Pilates training in NYC are extremely popular for their professional quality and standard. The studio at the Mongoose Bodyworks is armed with mats and all the necessary equipments that Pilates sessions or classes require. The sessions can be either therapeutic or athletic in nature.