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A holistic approach to wellbeing in NYC; Pilates and Naturopathy


It’s no surprise that Pilates is on the rise – with a focus on efficient movement and core awareness, there’s a lot to love about this mind body fitness program. At the same time, Naturopathic medicine – a holistic and natural approach to healing – has become a welcome health alternative for many.

While the two disciplines may seem worlds apart, they both value looking at the whole body, illness prevention, and educating their clients.

The Total You

 The most obvious connection between Pilates and naturopathy? A holistic approach.

While naturopathy differs from traditional medicine in numerous ways, one of the most powerful is its concern for the “whole” you. This means considering a range of factors including physical, mental, and environmental conditions of a patient.

Similarly, Pilates exercises consider the whole body. The body works best when it is experienced as an integrated whole and not compartmentalized into unrelated parts. A painful knee may be a misalignment in the back and a misaligned neck and cause problems lower down. Because of this whole body approach Pilates delivers a whole body experience and workout.


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Because Pilates focuses on moving with proper mechanics one is constantly learning and reinforcing efficient and safe ways of moving. These new patterns will carry over into other disciplines like sports, as well as help guide an aging body. This attention to alignment and moving well prevents injury down the road.

For Naturopathy patients, prevention is also critical. Whereas traditional medicine typically operates on a diagnose-treat basis, many Naturopathy professionals try to predict health issues and complications before they occur.

Wellness With Education

A final commonality between Pilates and naturopathy: proper education.

Both disciplines involve a personal client – teacher and patient-doctor relationship. Most of all, Pilates and naturopathy are built on the idea of ongoing education, improvement, and self-discovery. With the goal of empowering clients to take care of themselves as a lifestyle and prevent dis-ease in the future.

This means a qualified and knowledgeable guide is critical. If you are interested in exploring therapeutic Pilates and naturopathy in NYC , the experts at Mongoose Bodyworks and Dr. Maura can help. Mongoose Bodyworks Pilates is located in Soho NYC convenient to many subways. Dr Maura is located Chelsea, NYC. We look forward to meeting you!