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Achieving a Happier Body and Mind with Pilates

Pilates is a comprehensive form of exercise that combines the knowledge of several disciplines, including martial arts, yoga, and gymnastics. Pilates develops mental focus and concentration, often requiring that movements are precise, controlled and fluid.

Everyone has their own reasons for exercising, from simply wanting to look better to relieving chronic pain. During your first visit at Mongoose Bodyworks Pilates , our skilled instructors will assess your alignment discuss your goals and create a customized program for you. We will guide you to achieve a happier body and mind.

Developing Mind Body Awareness the Pilates way

Unfortunately, in today’s demanding and chaotic world, many of us get so wrapped up in our work and our lives that we drag ourselves around without realizing what is happening to our bodies. This increases the wear and tear of aging and makes us feel disconnected with ourselves, and even with others.

With Pilates, you can develop awareness of your body, how it functions, and what its true needs are. Additionally, in order to be healthy, the body needs to move. Chronic immobility is actually hazardous to your health. In Pilates, you will learn how to breathe correctly and how to connect with your core muscles, which are the foundation of all movement. If these muscles are weak or disconnected , it will make everyday movements and tasks more difficult. Educating the muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvic floor will make common activities seem effortless.

Email to Make an Appointment with a Mind Body Pilates Instructor Today

If you are interested in achieving a happier body and mind, make an appointment with a certified Pilates instructor today. The instructors at Mongoose Bodyworks will work with you as a unique individual, guiding you to your best exercise routine in a way that is open and non-judgmental. Email us at and start you Pilates journey with us. We serve New York City and its surrounding areas.