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This page is in progress…… check back for updates.

The following exercises are designed for students who have taken sessions at our studio and are looking for an outline of basic movements they can practice at home or when traveling.

Pelvic rocks – Establishing Neutral Pelvis

Lye on your back with your knees bent and your heel lined up with your sit bones.

Press into your heels while simultaneously drawing your pubic bone towards your navel. This scooping action should bring your lower back firmly into the floor. You are now in a Pelvic Tuck.

Release this position and roll your pelvis away from you allowing your lower back to get pulled up away from the floor. You are now in a Pelvic Anterior Tilt.

Rock back and forth between these two positions 6-10x. Rest in the center. Ideally there should be a tiny space under your lower back and your pelvis is level. This is called Neutral Pelvis. We will refer to this position many times throughout the fundamentals.

supine neutral spine

Helpful cues:

  1. Imagine your pelvis is a bowl of water and you are pouring the water first towards you and then away
  2. Visualize the pelvis melting wide into the floor as you move

Posterior Lateral Breathing

Place your hands on your lower ribs with your fingers in front and your thumbs behind. If this is not comfortable for your shoulders please adjust your hands to another position. As you breathe in fill up the side and back spaces between your ribs. As you exhale gentle squeeze your waist line while visualizing length from head to tail. Breath 6-10x


Helpful cues:

  1. Keep your pelvis solid like a rock as you exhale, making sure to NOT bring the low back into the back.
  2. Soften the chest and sternum as you exhale.

Marching/ Knee Folds

This exercise uses a Neutral Pelvis and the Posterior Lateral Breathing both described above. Breath in to prepare. As you exhale and engage the abdominals float one knee up to a table top position while keeping the pelvis quiet. Breath in again maintaining abdominal support and exhale moving the leg back down. Repeat on the other side. Keep pelvic motion to a minimum. Do 6 sets.

knee fold

Helpful cues:

  1. Think of your pelvis as sinking into the floor as you float the knee up
  2. Visualize a fold in the hip socket as the knee comes up, softening the muscles around the hip socket


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