Mongoose Bodyworks

Grasshopper Pilates in NYC

You must be ware of the difference the Pilates method of exercise can make to your body and mind. Though it’s been more than 100 years when Pilates came into existence, it’s a preferred choice even today when it comes to obtaining physical fitness, reducing stress and regaining the muscular strength. At the Mongoose Bodyworks, we offer group training and lessons in grasshopper Pilates in downtown NYC.

Halle Clarke, the owner and operator of the Mongoose Bodyworks, has worked with a wide range of clients. She has dealt with clients suffering from chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, stenosis, arthritis, osteoporosis etc. She has been hugely contributing to the Pilates technique with her wide experience and skills. She shows a great amount of passion and dedication while working with clients no matter which backgrounds they come from.

Group Training Classes &ammp; Lessons

All the instructors at the Mongoose Bodyworks are highly skilled and certified in the Pilates method. So, you can always be sure to receive top quality training in grasshopper Pilates. In addition to being adequately trained in the Pilates exercising technique, our instructors also carry a good amount of experience in areas like postural assessment, anatomy, yoga and massage among others.

Our studio is extremely well equipped with all the latest equipment that are necessary for Pilates training classes. All the classes and lessons are conducted in a refreshingly beautiful setting in NYC. We really enjoy teaching clients about how to use the mind to develop physical strength and tone the muscles for an improved lifestyle.