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About PilatesPilates for Bad Backs


Whether due to muscular tension, structural change, injury, faulty mechanics, age or our genes, there’s no denying that a “bad” back can be real pain.

Adding insult, sometimes quite literally, to injury, back pain is an incredibly common condition, characterized by discomfort that can make even the most routine tasks seem daunting. With Pilates, relief is a real possibility.

Why Pilates?

There’s a reason why orthopedists often suggest Pilates either before or after back surgery and even as a preventive measure. A trained, knowledgeable Pilates practitioner can offer help their student to address back pain and other related conditions by realigning and optimizing the structures of the back and pelvis in an individualized fashion. Over the years, the staff at Mongoose Bodyworks in Soho, NYC has successfully helped client with spondylothesis, spondylolisthesis, arthritis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease and other disc pathologies.

Get Started

As you can imagine, no two back problems are identical, making the need for a customized Pilates program that much greater.

When working to relieve back, our practitioners first look at the underlying movement patterns, we can relieve aggravated muscles and joints right off the bat.

Finding Purpose

The goal of this first, imperative step is to achieve lumbopelvic stabilization (LPS), a technical term that refers to the alignment of the stomach, pelvis and hips ( or the lumber area). Pilates is the only exercise is so often utilized to address back pain

But leave the complicated language to us. Our instructors have a wonderful way of simplifying the process, teaching each client how to retrain the body and the underlying mysculature in a step by step manner. Each lesson expands upon what the student has learned during their previous session, incorporating larger and more global movements gradually.

The Bottom Line

The effects of a regular, individualized Pilates practice are many and varied, improving stability and mobility, strengthening the spine and supporting muscles, and creating space between the vertebrae. More importantly, Pilates stands out among other techniques because, through dedication to the program , one begins to develop and ultimately embrace a new and much – improved physical connection to their body one that lasts for a lifetime.

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